• 61031-16


    3 1/4″ 2-Key SD Blade

  • 61033-02


    4 1/4″ 2-Key SD Blade/Bullet

  • 61048-15


    6 1/4″ 2-Key HD Spade/Bullet

  • B29

    The B29 is a true multi-purpose drill for Geo-Environmental work. For use with Hollow Stem – SPT – Coring – Rotary – DTH applications.

  • B29 2018004

    This unit was part of the Mobile Drill Rental Fleet and as part of the fleet upon each return goes through a full inspection to insure each component and option is operating safely and efficiently.  In addition to operational and safety checks, paint is touched up, damaged and faded decals are replaced and the interior of the carrier is detailed. Our goal with this option is to get a high value, almost new piece of equipment in your hands at a reduced price.

  • B37X

    The B37X features both a LO and an Ls version. Both versions are used in Auger  – SPT – Coring – Rotary and DTH applications.

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  • B48X

    The B48X is known as the workhorse for the Geo-technical and Environmental industries. Used in Auger – SPT – Coring – Rotary and DTH applications.

  • B51

    The B-51 is the next iteration of classic Mobile Drill power and versatility – it has an available 9,876 ft-lbs torque, can be track or truck mounted, making it ideal for the 100-125 ft hollow-stem auger market.  A small footprint mechanical drive unit, perfect for the geotechnical market.  The heart of the B-51 is the power shift transmission – this gives the operator options to shift gears and even direction without stopping rotation.  This feature gives the operator a new level of control of the drill string when augering in stiff/sticky clays, making for faster and safer production in the toughest conditions.

  • B53

    The B53 is a compact hydraulic drill that has been sized for mounting on a variety of carriers. It is great for multi-purpose rigs and angle drilling with a retract force of 24,000 lbs and a pulldown force of 31,400 lbs.

  • B54X

    The B54X is a multi-purpose workhorse for Geo-technical and environmental industries. Used in Coring – Rotary – Hollow Stem and Continuous Flight applications.

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