Hydraulic Drill Rigs

  • B29

    The B29 is a true multi-purpose drill for Geo-Environmental work. For use with Hollow Stem – SPT – Coring – Rotary – DTH applications.

  • B31

    The B31 features a 68 inch feed stroke and a maximum rotary speed of 770 rpm. Ideally used in foundation exploration – post hole augering – environmental mineral & aggregate prospecting – shallow surface coring applications.

  • B53

    The B53 is a compact hydraulic drill that has been sized for mounting on a variety of carriers. It is great for multi-purpose rigs and angle drilling with a retract force of 24,000 lbs and a pulldown force of 31,400 lbs.

  • B37X

    The B37X features both a LO and an Ls version. Both versions are used in Auger  – SPT – Coring – Rotary and DTH applications.

  • B48X

    The B48X is known as the workhorse for the Geo-technical and Environmental industries. Used in Auger – SPT – Coring – Rotary and DTH applications.

  • B54X

    The B54X is a multi-purpose workhorse for Geo-technical and environmental industries. Used in Coring – Rotary – Hollow Stem and Continuous Flight applications.

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