Mobile Drill International(MDI), a globally recognized manufacturer of drilling equipment and consumables, is pleased to introduce its new rental program featuring the B57 & B29 drill rigs.

This program features new rigs direct from the OEM and offers flexible monthly and rent-to-own options.

The B57 is available in truck-mounted (Ford F-750) or track-mounted (CAT 307 or 312) carriers and comes with a variety of features, including: a 14″ heavy duty double disc clutch, 6-speed Eaton transmission, autohammer, rod clamp breakout, 125 HP John Deere Engine, and EZ Shift Technology. The B57 is available in a high torque configuration and can deliver up to 11,420 ft-lbs of torque.

The B29 is a compact and economical solution for drillers looking to do auger and mud rotary work along with SPT borings, shelby tube samples and rock cores.  The B29 “Investigator” drill mounts easily on compact rubber tracks or on a non-CDL truck chassis.  4,200 ft-lb of torque and 770 rpm delivered by a 4-speed rotary head assures that (SPT) test borings and rock cores are recovered efficiently and at a lower cost than with larger rigs.  Fitted with a 13 ft stroke, the B29 becomes an inexpensive shallow water well rig. In addition, you’ve increased down hole efficiency by handling longer core barrels and casing effectively – while staying on the same small carrier! Equip your rig with a water pump and choose from a variety of hoist options and you’ve created the ultimate geo-environmental rig.

Mobile Drill sales representatives can be contacted to place a rental order or arrange a demonstration visit.

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