B29 2018004

This unit was part of the Mobile Drill Rental Fleet and as part of the fleet upon each return goes through a full inspection to insure each component and option is operating safely and efficiently.  In addition to operational and safety checks, paint is touched up, damaged and faded decals are replaced and the interior of the carrier is detailed. Our goal with this option is to get a high value, almost new piece of equipment in your hands at a reduced price.

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  • 4-speed rotary head 4,200 ft-lbs in low gear and 784 rpm in high gear
  • 10,200 lbs of pullback/pushdown
  • PTO off of 2018 F-550
  • Autohammer
  • In/out side/side slidebase
  • 13 foot stroke
  • 46” Mast dump
  • 3,000 lb hoist
  • Wireline hoist
  • Moyno 3L6 water pump
  • Mast mounted Rod clamp and break out wrench
  • Crown block extension allows for pulling 15 feet of drill rod
  • 1-5/8” auger coupling
  • Quick change for rotary drilling
  • NWJ sideport water swivel
  • 10 foot rod rack on helper’s side
  • 2 Aluminum toolboxes
  • Night lights
  • Mounted on a 2018 F-550 4 x 4 single cab with Automatic Transmission
    • Truck mileage is 33,000

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Or Call 800-766-3745 for more information.