2 1/4″ – 2 Key Standard Duty – Hollow Stem Auger – 1 Bolt – 5′ Section

About This Product

Available in hole sizes 2-1/2″ (64mm) through 12″ (305mm) Hex sized 13/16″, 1-1/8″, 1-5/8″, 2 ” (20.6mm, 29mm, 41mm and 51mm)

  • Field Replacement Shank
  • Internal Hex Tubing
  • Hardfaced Flight Edges
  • U-Pin Furnished with Each Section

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Product Specifications

Mobile Standard Construction and HEX-COR® augers have been tested in the field and independently tested in the laboratory and are proven to be equal to or stronger than any other auger in the industry.

All Mobile continuous flight augers are manufactured through the use of an automatic inert gas metal arc welding process to assure consistent high quality and maximum strength.

Flights are formed with a slightly tapered concave surface designed to throw cuttings toward the shaft, minimizing clogging and auger drag. Timed flight pitch is set at an optimum angle to produce the best conveyance of material for general auger exploration work and to maintain continuity of the flight spiral from one section to the next.

Uniform bead hardfacing, standard on HEX-COR® augers and optional on Standard Construction, ensures flight edges have sufficient chromemanganese alloy for non-brittle toughness and greater resistance to abrasion. Standard Construction augers are manufactured by conventional methods with the exception of the continuous flighting which is welded on both sides to the center shaft by an exclusive manufacturing process. The center shafts of Standard Construction augers are formed of high quality, low carbon steel tubing to provide minimum weight with maximum strength and rigidity. Innovative HEX-COR® augers have many advantages over.

Standard Construction augers. In addition to superior strength, they have no shank/socket bulge to impede cutting conveyance and come with full length, flight-edge hardfacing standard. They are completely interchangeable with other augers of common shank and socket size, use all auger heads of matching shank design, and are easily repaired in the field. The flighting and the center shaft, made of the highest quality steels, are welded into one unit utilizing inert gas metal arc welding. The center shaft tube of HEX-COR® augers is hex-pierced to the hex shank size throughout its length so that shanks simply slip into the center shaft. This design allows for fast replacement of worn or broken shanks in the field.

Pricing & Purchasing Options   Or Call 800-766-3745 for more information.