Mobile Drill Intl acquires USExploration Equipment (US Ex)

USExploration Equipment CompanyMobile Drill International (MDI) has acquired USExploration Equipment in a move that is expected to further strengthen Mobile Drill’s current market position and expand its capacity in the geotech, geoenvironmental, and geoconstruction drilling service industry. MDI has experienced solid growth over the past few years, expanding its market share both in the United States and abroad.

“This deal provides two essential elements to Mobile Drill Intl increased market share and capacity to the tooling side of our business and the opportunity to bring former Mobile Drill Intl. Sales Executive Bill Knorr back to the company. Both of these factors further our company mission of providing unmatched value to the drilling service industry through our products and services,” said Tim Sabo, MDI president. “Mobile Drill shares the key values of a passion for customer focus and service with USExploration, and the overall principles, culture, and personality of the established USEx brand are very much in line with those of MDI,” Sabo continued. “It’s a natural strategic fit.”

Bill Knorr agrees “The combination of what we’ve built over the past 15-years at USExploration now combined with the resources available from a market leader like Mobile Drill…the marriage made perfect sense for everyone involved. Our mission has always been to provide a level of knowledge and expertise to assure that the right product, was shipped to the right place – the right way, every time…that commitment to excellence will never change!”

Sabo noted that Bill will rejoin Mobile Drill as vice president of sales. Knorr previously worked for 12 years at Mobile Drill as its international sales manager. “Bill holds an excellent reputation in the drilling industry and we anticipate him having an immediate positive impact,” said Sabo. USExploration, with a facility in Indianapolis, manufactures and distributes tooling for the geoenvironmental and geoconstruction industries. The acquisition is effective immediately.

About Mobile Drill – Founded on the age-old concept of “solving a problem,” Mobile Drill International designs, builds and supports a wide array of portable heavy-duty rigs and equipment for the drilling industry. Serving geotech, environmental, water, oil, gas and other drilling industrial needs, Mobile Drill International is active through the world. Many of its drill rigs and products have been in service for multiple decades. The company holds a passion for customer service, including maintaining a wide variety of critical parts and tooling to keep drills running and productive in whatever harsh or mild environment they may be used in. The company is an industry leader. For more information, please visit

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